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Girl of 10,000 Lakes

123 Ice Fishing Adventure Gift Set

123 Ice Fishing Adventure Gift Set

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The 123 Ice Fishing adventure gift set is perfect for young anglers and outdoor-loving kiddos. Bring the gift set on your next ice fishing adventure! This set includes:

  • 123 Ice Fishing Board Book: Dive into the world of ice fishing with this charming life-the-flap board book. With vibrant illustrations, "123 Ice Fishing" takes little ones on an exciting day of fishing on the hardwater. Your child will be captivated by the adorable characters, the thrill of ice fishing, and the numbers and fish they encounter along the way. 
  • 123 Ice Fishing Sticker Sheet: Enhance your child's interactive experience in the world of ice fishing with the 123 Ice Fishing Sticker Sheet. These fun and colorful stickers feature characters and objects from the book, allowing kids to decorate their tackle box, water bottles, notebooks, or the book itself.
  • 123 Ice Fishing Coloring Pages Digital Download: Unleash your child's creativity with a digital download of 13 coloring pages inspired by the book. This printable coloring book offers creative fun on or off the ice. Children can bring the story to life with colors, colored pencils, paint or markers. Digital download will be emailed to you. Details on how to download in link description: 

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